Publications and Media

Publications and Media

The Art of Love -  Please don't leave me

Barry Davis from The Jerusalem Post writes about Please don't leave me. August 2017.

Art Market Magazine - Gold List special

Artist Portfolio Magazine - Issue 28

Don't touch my anxiety - Terminal magazine

An article about "Don't touch my anxiety" in Terminal magazine, issue 59. 

The freedom to be anxious - Don't touch my anxiety

Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar and Lilac Abramsky-Arazi write in Platforma, the Israel Museum's journal about the exhibition "Don't Touch my anxiety". January 2017. 

Hayom She'haya -Restraining the leopard

Guy Zohar from Israeli Channel 10 TV recommends the exhibition Restraining the leopard. November 2016.

The art of the leash -  Restraining the leopard

Barry Davis from The Jerusalem Post writes about Lilac's solo exhibition. November 2016.   

Don't touch my anxiety - About anxiety, compassion and Israeli art

Dafna Navaro from Art Market Magazine (28) writes about Don't Touch my anxiety. August 2016. 

Yediot Tel-Aviv - Don't touch my anxiety

An article in the Tel-Aviv section of Yediot about Don't touch my anxiety. August 2016.  

Hayom She'haya - Don't touch my anxiety

Guy Zohar from Israeli Channel 10 TV recommends the exhibition Don't touch my anxiety, August 2016.

The mysterious codes of Blue

An article in Art Market Magazine issue 25 about CHROMA blue exhibition, Safehouse2, London April 2016

The Best of IEAA 2016 coffee table book

Impasse published in the International Emerging Artist Awards – The Best of 2016.

Bella (acrylic on canvas, 47x47, 2014) published as the cover of When Hurt Remains – Relational Perspectives on Therapeutic Failure. Published by Karnac books, 2016.

There are no Stories, there are no words
Curator Malika Ali of On the Ground Floor Gallery, interviews Lilac following Bang Bang Exhibition, Los Angeles, 2016. 

Art Market Magazine, issue 22 - Bang Bang
An article about Bang Bang exhibition, On the Ground Floor, Los Angeles 2016.

Times of Israel - French
Sarah Shahad writes about Lilac in the French edition of Times of Israel, March 2016.