2016  Restraining the leopard: Bat Yam Institute of Art, Bat Yam. Curator: Shai Pardo.



2017 YICCA Art contest 2017. Crocetti Museum, Rome. Catalog

2017 Florence Biennale. Fortezza Da Basso, Florence. Curator: Melanie Zefferino

2017  Please don't leave me. Office in Tel Aviv Gallery. Tel Aviv. Curators: Lilac Abramsky-Arazi and Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar. Catalog 

2017  Contemporary Israeli Art 2017. Bank Hapoalim, Tel Aviv. Curator: Lee-Mor Kohen

2016  Chroma: Green Issue: Art Hub Gallery, London.

2016  The Red House Gallery opening exhibition, The Red House, Tel Aviv.

2016  Masterpieces: Rosenbach Gallery, Jerusalem. Curator: Netanel Bollag. Catalog

2016  Don’t touch my anxiety: Central Gallery, Tel-Aviv. Curator:Doron Furman. Catalog

2016  The Colours of Silence:Green Gallery, Tel-Aviv. Curator:Avner Avraham

2016  Chroma: Blue issue: Chroma Collections, Safehouse2, London.

2016  Contemporary Israeli Art: Green Gallery, Tel-Aviv. Curator:Bella Zaichik

2016  Survival: The Artist’s House, Modi’in. Curator:Hagit Argaman

2016  Bang Bang: On the Ground Floor, Los Angeles, USA. Curator:Malika Ali

2015  Traces of the Real, Central Gallery, Tel-Aviv. Curator:Doron Furman

2015  Muse(i)c, Jerusalem Theatre. Curator:Noga Arad-Ayalon

2015 ArtDrenaline Festival, Heichal Shlomo museum, Jerusalem. Curator:Sarah Shahad. Catalog