Lilac Abramsky-Arazi, PhD


Lilac is an artist working with painting and dance. She has a PhD in neuropsychology. Lilac lives and works in Israel and has exhibited in Israel and internationally. After years where art has been in the background, it has increasingly become a central part of her life and in the last few years Lilac made art her main profession. Lilac exhibited in many exhibitions in Israel and internationally. She is a member of the Israeli Association for Fine Art and her art can be found in various private collections 

Many years of dancing and movement practice are evident in her paintings. Lilac’s work is characterized by multiple layers and textures, movement and restless relationships. Her works maintain mystery and vagueness, pulling the viewer inside to explore, discover and surrender. Lilac is attracted to raw materials; she frequently works with unstretched canvas. People often relate to the sensuality, mystery, power and tenderness in her paintings. Lilac’s art was described as mirror images of the soul.

Curriculum Vitae



2006-2011 PhD in Neuropsychology, "Ben-Gurion University”.

1999-2003 MA in Neuropsychology, "Ben-Gurion University”.

1996-1999 BA in Behavioural Sciences, "Ben-Gurion University”.