Lilac Abramsky-Arazi, PhD


Lilac is an artist working with painting and dance. She has a PhD in neuropsychology. Lilac lives and works in Israel and has exhibited in Israel and internationally. She is a member of the Israeli Fine Art Association and her paintings are found in various private collections.




My background is neuropsychology and movement.

My art acts underneath its aesthetics. It has movement which creates trance, fostering inner movement within me and hopefully, the observer. Through my paintings, I tackle feelings and emotions in an indirect, sideways manner. Staying longer with them unravels layers which cannot always be seen at first sight. The art is frequently dense, not always convenient. The paintings often lack a clear point of reference, and one can choose whether to stay with the discomfort or move on. The initial stage is often less conscious, then I let go of the painting and return to it later. My art is characterised by multi-layers, textures, movement and restless relationships. I am attracted to imperfection and seek to explore just how much imperfection could be tolerated.

Similarly, my dance workshops are another form of art. I seek to find the inner movement with which I work; it allows me to be. Through movement I encourage others to find their own inner movement and operate from there. Both the movement and paintings require a level of surrender and letting go to find the inner rhythms.